Well, who am I?

At the moment I’m a native Brit living in London, having moved around all over the country in my youth. London in all its flawed wonder is the place for opportunity and adventure should you look for it. Its quagmire of architecture, grey crumbling suburbs and ancient sites remind you of the intrigue, wonder and tragedy that makes up the fabric of this historical metropolis.

Career wise I am an information technology professional with a strong interest in information and cyber security. Although I aspire to become a penetration tester, I know that this will be a long journey for me to arrive at.

I am also a practicing vegan and fitness enthusiast, as well as having a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship. I have come to learn so far in life that in order to grow as a person, you must struggle. This means challenging your beliefs and assumptions. Challenging others beliefs and assumptions and weathering the storm that follows. It means developing the self-discipline to maintain effective habits that develop your mind, body and will. It means learning compassion when it would otherwise be easier to shy away. It means having self-belief without being deluded and not confusing humility with poor self-esteem. But most of all it is about enduring not to simply survive, but to thrive.

As such you’ll find me writing a lot about the above. Many will be opinions, but I hope over time much of it will become guidance for those who share these passions of mine. As this blog grows, I will no doubt use it as repository for my projects and work. In a sense you could consider this an interactive journal.

Adrian Fletcher